Wednesday, March 30, 2011

#282_Mom-Daughter Birthday Cake

"Two for One Cake"
A dear friend, Nieves and her daughter were
celebrating their birthdays on the same day,
so I made this cake for both of them with "fence" as a partition.

On this side of the fence is for 3-year old Eya

On the other side of the fence is her mom's cake.

The cupcakes are Chocolate Banana Cake,
(extra from making the cakes)
frosted with Buttercream Frosting

The flowers I used on the cake are the sugar flowers
which I learned to make from Youtube
(see previous post)
The cake is a 10-inch 2 layer Banana Chocolate Cake,
frosted with Cream Cheese Frosting,
the picket fence is made of melting chocolates,
melted then cut out.

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