Monday, December 26, 2011

#335_Fried Wonton

These are deep fried wontons

My Fried Wontons and my Fried Lumpia Shanghai share the same fillings. The difference between the two are the appearance or the style in wrapping them and the wrappers used...."wonton skins" for the Wontons and "lumpia wrappers" for the lumpia. They are both wrappers but the wonton skins are thicker than the the ones for lumpia.

Wonton skins are available in both regular stores and Asian stores, but there's hardly a regular store that carry Lumpia Wrappers so you have to make a trip to an Asian store if you want to use them.

For Fillings, click on the link below....

There are many different ways to wrap and fold wontons.

Here's a link which gives you different styles
of wrapping and folding wontons, click here.

For the style I used to fold my wontons, click on the link below.

Steamed wontons
A famous restaurant here in Salt Lake serves these as an appetizer. Actually the owner came on a tv show one time and showed how they make them at his restaurant. They pan-fry these wontons in oil until browned then pour some water into the pan, cover it and let it steam for about 10 minutes. (Some cooks drop the wontons in a boiling water).

Here's the finished product of the pan-fried steamed wontons.
                             After steaming, they are drained on paper towels

Whether these are deep fried or pan fried, they are always a hit whenever I serve them at family gatherings.

For homemade Dipping Sauce or Saw-sawan recipe, click here.

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