Wednesday, February 10, 2010

#219_Santol, A Philippine Fruit

A friend and a nice neighbor of mine, Stella Davis,
brought me this huge santol from Las Vegas the other day.
She said she got it from Seafood City.
It was huge and frozen. I have never seen santol this huge!

These pictures sparked some exciting interactions among the fans
when I posted it on my Face Book page, which was a lot fun!
To some, this made them nostalgic about Pinas,
and to some just simply miss eating the fruit itself.

the first skin is peeled off......
I didn't really need the salt

gotta chop open this baby

tada!!! pulpy seeds revealed

This fruit is like sweet and sour...
the second skin is sour but the pulps are so sweet.
nakakalaway ba? It is a salivary glands activator!

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