Wednesday, February 24, 2010

#223_Boiled Peanuts (Nilagang Mani)

Boiled Peanuts
are healthier snacks than roasted ones.

Although boiled peanuts are my childhood snack, I've never boiled them myself. When I googled to find out how, I found out now only how to boil them but also found out that boiling peanuts is a tradition in the southeastern part of the United States.

It took me 4 hours to boil these! amazing!

Click the link below to check out the steps in boiling raw peanuts:


  1. Mely, when I was still living in Atlanta, I would always stop along roadsides where boiled peanuts were sold. Hay naku, they were usually super salty!!! The southerners like them really really maalat!!! So learned to boil my own in my kitchen. Trial and error when it came to adding salt. But super sarap!!!! Brought back childhood memories!

  2. Chet, nice to hear from you!!
    You are right, you can control the salt to use when you do it yourself. Now, that I learned how to boil peanuts myself, this is going to be my regular merienda, bec, they are nutritious and I don't think they are fattening. A friend of mine. Aida said she uses pressure cooker to boil raw peanuts, and another friend, Teena uses slow cooker overnight. Good to know there are other ways to cook them other than boiling them for 4 hours on the stove.
    Take Care!!

  3. so if it normally takes 4 hrs. to boil peanuts, how long will it take to cook them if i use a pressure cooker? thanks for your response!

  4. Anonymous, thank you for coming by. About 45 minutes to boil peanuts in pressure cooker according to this link here:>>>>>