Sunday, March 7, 2010


Tupig is a very popular street food in Pangasinan
It is mainly made of glutinous rice and freshly shredded coconut.

A friend Stella, showed us how to make Tupig from the start, i.e. making the batter, wrapping, then broiling.

Another friend, Nieves, joined us with the tupig-making lesson.

A FB friend, Virginia posted her recipe on my facebook page and with her permission, I'm posting it here.

Virginia Ganzon Rodriguez
Ok, Here is the much anticipated recipe for Tupig, Tenpigs, or a Dozenpigs!


2 cups young coconut meat (buko kinayod)
1 cup macapuno string
1 plastic bag glutinous rice flour
2 cups brown sugar
2 cans coconut milk
vanilla extract
banana leaves, wilted and wiped clean then wipe with coconut oil or spray with
Pam to prevent sticking


Mix all ingredients together. Mix should not be watery. Add more glutinous rice if consistency is too watery.
Spoon mix on prepared banana leaves. Roll and fold edges. Broil in oven until the banana leaves are charred.

If banana leaves are not available, aluminum foil can be used though it's not going to be as delicious.
February 23 at 6:53pm ·

Virginia Ganzon Rodriguez
Use the top rack and broil. Keep a watchful eye because you don't want to burn them too much. Don't use mochiko brand. Use the plastic bag glutinous rice w/ green label.
February 23 at 9:21pm ·


  1. yummy!!! we never miss to buy this whenever we pass by Pangasinan from Baguio...

  2. U8my..Yup Pangasinan is famous for tupig and I'm from there.

  3. oh ya. i wish there's one selling here in manila! i uber love the pangasinan puto (calasiao) and kutchinta!

  4. are right! Calasiao puto is the best!

  5. Thank you for your blog. I would like to use your image of Tupig for my blog - I get my recipes from Philippine Food & Recipes and repost it to my blog and would like to do link exhanges as well with your blog. Thanks! My blog is at and this is one of the recipes I get from

    Thanks! kathy =)

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