Thursday, October 2, 2008

#14_ Gulay

Halo-Halo(ng) gulay (mixed veggies)

Ohhh my gulay!

Everybody around here is harvesting their crops before the temperature drops. One of my friends harvested some of her immature squash the other day and gave me one, it was so young and tender that I didn't need to peel it. She grew the variety that is grown widely in the Philippines (our very own kalabasa). She also gave me some of the blossoms.

Gulay in Tagalog, pising in Pangasinan, dinengdeng in Ilocano. Its very versatile kind of viand as one can pretty much put everything in a pot...anything! Mix and match kind of thing. With the squash I added in what I had in my freezer: talong and string beans which were extra from making some kare-kare about 2 weeks ago. Then I also had some cooked pork spare ribs in the freezer. Back home, mother always used shrimps instead of meat for her sabong. (does anyone know the translation of sabong to Tagalog and English?) I thawed them out in the microwave. So I had some Gulay in no time.

How to make this dish:
Saute some chopped garlic and chopped onions in a little canola oil. ( of course heat up the oil first). Then add the cooked pork and saute for few minutes. (If you don't have pork ready, you need to saute the meat then simmer til its tender). With the pork, add the squash and string beans(sitaw) and continue to saute for few minutes. Pour in about 3-4 cups water (rice water is better). Let boil, then add some alamang bagoong. Add the eggplants and okra. Cover and let simmer until the veggies are tender. Add the squash blossoms last. Adjust seasoning, in this case, bagoong alamang. Mangan tayo la! (kain na!)

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