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#20_ Pan de Sal ( Philippine Dinner Rolls)


Growing up, these ubiquitous dinner rolls were a very popular breakfast item among Filipinos for their versatility and convenience. We used to fill them with scrambled eggs, sardines, mackerel omeletes, corned beef, you name it, the list can go on and on. I remember every bakery in the city was opened as early as 4:00 in the morning and if you came in a little past 7:00 a.m. you were lucky if there was some left for you.
Pan De Sal was one of the first Filipino food that I missed when I left home. I'm so lucky that a family friend, Bayani Parayno, who had a bakery back in his hometown, showed me how to form the pandesal using dough made in the bread machine.

About 22 years ago my husband gave me a bread maker for Mother's Day and it probably idled for a couple of years after I used it once, because the loaf of bread I made didn't turn out very well. I said, "The heck! I can't make's cheaper to buy it". Not long after that, I gave it another try, studied the manual instructions, and experimented with different recipes. After that I was hooked and spoiled too, because I can't make breads without this machine.

This recipe is from my sister, Melita, which was given to her by a friend, but I had made some alterations to suit my bread machine. The beauty of this recipe is that it only requires one rising, and no need of proofing the yeast which means you don't need to activate the yeast in warm water first before mixing it with the other ingredients.

(I'm going to update this Pan de Sal dough recipe and share with you some changes I had made. Due to the higher cost of Bread Flour nowadays, I had switched to All Purpose Flour in practically all of my bread recipes, and increased the amount of Vital Wheat Gluten....gotta have the Vital Wheat Gluten if using all purpose flour. I also made adjustments on some other ingredients for a better yield. This new recipe yields 32 pieces or more depending on how you roll and cut the dough. The old recipe only yield 24. The changes I made here are indicated by red asterisk).


2-1/4* cups milk, warm (or 1-1/4 cup milk + 1 cup water)

1/3 cup white sugar

1/2 stick butter, very soft

6 cups* all purpose flour* (plus 1/4 cup if needed)

2-1/4* tsp Saf instant yeast

1 tsp dough enhancer, my secret ingredient, now revealed

1 Tbp* vital wheat gluten, another secret ingredient

1 tsp salt

1 egg, slightly beaten

Baking Procedure:

1. Put all the ingredients in the bread machine pan in order given above starting with the warm milk.

2. Select "Basic Dough" or "Quick Dough" setting and let the machine do the mixing and kneading. Mine takes 30 minutes to do the cycle. Its a good idea to experiment with your bread makers first.

3. Take the dough out of the pan and divide it in half for easy handling, or use the other half for other kinds of bread like cinnamon rolls, or just plain dinner rolls. Cover it with greased plastic wrap.

4. On a floured surface, ( I prefer to use oil) roll out half of the dough into rectangle

5. Starting on the side closest to you, roll up the dough like you would jelly roll only tighter and longer like a stick. Make sure to seal the seams securely by pinching them using your thumb and forefinger. Do the same with the other half

6. Using a dough cutter, or a knife, slice the rolled-up dough into 1-1/2 to 2-inch thickness

7. Toss these slices of dough onto some bread crumbs, coating each cut side with the crumbs and gently form them into somewhat oval shapes

8. Arrange them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Let rise for about 45 minutes to 1 hour or until they are doubled in size,(that's all the rising they need). Bake in a preheated 350 degrees oven for 18 to 23 minutes depending on your oven.

This is an authentic old fashion kind of Pan de Sal, soft but not fluffy. If you grew up in the 50's and 60's you know what I mean. You want your Pan de Sal to be hefty enough or strong enough to hold up to the fillings we Filipinos put in our rolls (palaman sa tinapay).

Now you can enjoy warm Pan de Sal anytime even if you're away from the Philippines.

Gramma enjoys her pandesal with hot cocoa while Grampa Gregg likes his with peanut butter and raspberry jam

grandson Conner

and grandaughter, Aurionna enjoy their rolls with just plain butter.

Notes from MaMely:

1. I also use this recipe for just plain dinner rolls. After the dough cycle is finished take the dough out and form into rolls about (more or less) 2 1/2 inches diameter. Arrange rolls on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and let rise for 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the temperature in your home. Bake same way as pandesal.

2. Another name for dough enhancer is dough conditioner. If you don't have dough enhancer, you can crush a vitamin C tablet, (500 mg or 1,000 mg). This will act as dough conditioner. I learned this from a book entitled " BREAD BAKING MADE EASY" by Dora Flack (1984). She also said that dough conditioner works as a yeast enhancer, helping it (the yeast) to achieve its maximum potential. It also strengthens the gluten and produces a lighter, more elastic bread.

3. Wheat Gluten, according to her, wheat gluten traps the gases given off by the yeast enabling the dough to rise higher. It gives better texture and helps retain moisture in breads and dough. It also prevent crumbling.

3. Put the egg on one side of the pan and the yeast on one side so they won't be touching each other. You don't want the egg in the warm water either as you might end up with a poached egg. This is just a precaution.

Important bread-making tips from KAF bakers

  • Don't bother heating the orange juice to lukewarm; you can use it straight out of the fridge. The orange juice won't add its own flavor to the bread, but will mellow any potential bitterness in the whole wheat.
  • If you're kneading bread by hand, it's tempting to keep adding flour till the dough is no longer sticky. Resist the temptation! The more flour you add while you're kneading, the heavier and drier your final loaf will be.
  • The amount of liquid you use to make the "perfect" dough will vary with the seasons. Flour is like a sponge; it absorbs water during the humid days of summer, and dries out during the winter. Your goal should be making the dough as it's described (e.g., cohesive, soft but not sticky), rather than sticking religiously to the amount of liquid.
  • When making yeast bread, let the dough rise to the point the recipe says it should, e.g., "Let the dough rise till it's doubled in bulk." Rising times are only a guide; there are so many variables in yeast baking (how you kneaded the dough; what kind of yeast you used) that it's impossible to say that bread dough will ALWAYS double in bulk in a specific amount of time.



Click here to link to Malisa's blog where Malisa, the author, made this recipe with some few adjustments. Other than the few changes she made, she is happy with the result. (Read her nice comment in this post too).


  1. mamely! asenso na tong food blog mo ha. congrats! bc ako ngayon sa wrk kaya medyo napabayaan ko yung foodblogs ko. by the way i made a new blog just for my love of cooking ang frustrations in photography... i linked you there na rin.
    wow, mamely, ang sarap ng pandesal mo. i tried to make pandesal here in uae pro palpak na palpak. wlang kumain, napanis nlng... hahaha... naku pano yan mamely, parang hindi na ako mkakagawa ulit ng pandesal or any bread kasi wla akong bread maker... hehehe... natatakot ako mgtry ulit, baka masira lng, palpak na naman.
    excited narin po ako mgtry nung biko nyo. tnx for the recipe mamely...
    sarap ng pandesal talaga... nagugutom na ako... hahaha... :)

  2. maraming salamat Ing. you can buy you a small bread maker. i'm sure marami diyan sa uae. you will not regret it. I know these pandesal are sooooo addictive, you can't stop with just two. hope you'll give it a try.
    I saw your pictures..they're beautiful! ang cute ng anak mo (kasali na rin ang asawa mo)
    Ingat lang!!

  3. Ing, bytheway, gusto kitang ilink sa akin. I don't know how to do it.
    can you help me? thank you!

  4. mamely, to link me on your site... you just have to go to "customize" your site. then click "add gadget". a window appears, then choose "link list". a window appears "configure link list". you add a title for this one, mine is "good sites", some of my e-friends titled it "blogroll". then type my URL... then you can edit the site name below the URL, rename my site to snapeat. then click the "add link" button. it will then appear below. you can add other links also here. then pag-na input mo na yung mga links na gusto mo, click "save". then click "save" again to the "add and arrange page elements" pra masave yung mga ine-dit mo sa site mo. you can add other links can preview na, tapos nandun na yung link sa blog ko & sa ibang sites na gusto mo ilink. so, everytime meron kang gusto ilink, yun lng yung ieedit mo, iaadd mo lng yung link doon. then just always save after.

    regarding sa bread maker mamely, maglalambing muna ako ng todo sa husband ko. hahaha... tnx po. ingats. hope nkatulong ako sayo. ako rin, just starting to explore blogging. hehehe...

  5. Maraming salamat Ing! okay nandoon kana.What would I do without your help! regards!

  6. Your pandesal looks so perfect I bet it taste as great as well. Great recipes I do like those helpful notes. I will definitely come back to this site.

  7. Ohh, mr. utman, thank you for coming by! I like you site too.

  8. I thought I would never use my bread machine again but seeing your pandesal made me want to use it. Your pandesal looks authentic, the way I remember it back home. I prefer my pandesal somewhat crunchy outside and hollow inside.

  9. Anonymous, if you want your pandesal to to be a little hard (crusty) on the outside, use water for the liquid. This recipe gives you a not too crusty on the outside because of the milk.

  10. Thanks for the tip, MaMely, oops.. crusty (not crunchy)is what I like about my pandesal. I will keep that in mind.

  11. anonymous, good luck on all your attempts on the recipes, and thanks for always visiting the site.

  12. i just want to thank you for the wonderful recipe. i make this every other week because I love it so much! i did add a little more sugar because i grew up eating a sweeter roll from a bakery in san diego called valerio's. i also had to add a little more salt because i am a mile above sea level and that little adjustment helps slow down the rise. i am still trying to perfect my shaping. my first attempt was embarrassing. thank you! thank you!

  13. malisa, thank you very much. and I am so glad that you love this recipe. yes, the sweetener is a personal preference, you can give or take a little. the picture of your pan de sal look so good as well as your other posts. you have a nice blog.take care!

  14. ai hala! nakakatakam mamely! i remember this every morning with my sisters lalo na pag sunday where we all gather and eat pandesal with palaman na bihon guisado tapos coffee and never ending pandesal!!!!!

  15. Hello acdee, thank you for dropping by.
    masubukan ko nga na i-palaman ang pancit sa pandesal. glad this pandesal brings you back those good old memories.
    take care.

  16. Wala po akong mahanap na dough enhancer. Saan po kayo bumibili nito at ano pong tatak ito?

  17. GreatestBargains, if you live in an area where there is a Walmart store, mayroon siyang dough enhancer. Kung wala kang mahanap, basta gamitin mong flour yung para sa tinapay o kaya bread flour, kaya lang ang texture ng tinapay mo hindi pareho sa ginamitan ng dough enhacer, pero ang lasa hindi apectado.
    O,sige ingat lang!!

  18. GreatestBargains,siyanga pala, kung wala kang mahanap na dough enhancer, substitute mo na lang yung crushed vitamin C na tabletas.

    1. HI Mamely, I'd like to try your pandesal recipe, and use vitamin C. May I know how many vit c tabs I'll need for your recipe? In my bread baking class, we used an imrpover, but I haven't seen it here in the US. I'll try Walmart too, as you had mentioned. Thank you.

  19. Where do get your wheat gluten? Is it organic? I hope it is not made in China considering what they did to their milk, toothpaste and pet food and other products that proved to be toxic.

  20. miss ko na pandesal ... this makes me want to buy a bread maker!!! ... pandesal with vienna sausauge sarap ... and the best pandesal w/corned beef w/onions ... yummy!!

  21. hello po, bago lang po ako sa site mo,tanong ko lang po, wala pa po kasi akong bread machine , pwede po ba i-manual yong pagawa ng pandesal at saka pareho lang ba ang resulta?thank you po. i'm really looking forward to try your pandesal recipe

  22. Hello Anonymous...welcome to my blogsite!
    Alam mo bread machine palagi ang ginagamit ko sa pag gawa ng bread...maski anong bread, so wala akong experience sa manual, pero ang palagay ko, maski anong bread machine recipe pwedeng gawing manual. Kung medyo matigas ang labas ng dough, unti unti mong dagdagan ng liquid habang minamasa mo. At saka dapat pa rise mo hanggang mag doble at malambot ang labas ng dough.
    Hope your pan de sal will turn out alright.Take care!!

  23. Salamat sa website mo its my 4th attempt trying to make pandesal, The first 3 attempt eh manual I actually gave up coz they ended up bird food. Then a friend of mine said I should use a bread machine just dump everything and voila you'll have pandesal so I figure out thats the reason why its so perfect in the pix. So went to amazon searching for the best bread machine ever. So last night my quest to make pandesal start guess what? since its my first time using my bread machine after a year of just looking at it in the box. My first attemt on my bread machine well didnt really work out well i was up until 3 am today so my pandesal would be ready for breakfast coz my kids really love it. My pandesal turned out dried pancakes at least you can still eat it better than bird food again. So I said there is really wrong the way im doing it so google again my keyword(how to make pandesal w/ bread machine and voila found your website and you know whats really amazing when I saw ur bread machine it was just like mine so iknow this time I found the right site so i bookmart it rightway oh make me so happy, all the helpful hints coz i really love to bake thank you again MaMely luv u. I will try it again right now bye.

  24. Anonymous, thank you very much for visiting this site!!And hope your pandesal will finally turn out good. Please give me an update.

  25. hello amiga mamely im here at work now i copy your recipe (pandesal) when im off from work this monday mag babake ako ng pandesal which i missed it na matagal na. i hope i can bake it right.. i'll update you the outcome ng bake ko. hehehe.. i learn so many things from you and ate josie which i now enjoy eating it and some people enjoy it too like my brazo de mercedes.. thank you so much more power sa web site mo amiga.. love you

  26. Hello, Bebot!!! welcome to my kitchen!! salamat at sa wakas nahanap mo rin ako. Salamat at enjoy mo ang mga niluluto ko. Thankx again and please let me know how the pan de sal turns out. Take care!!

  27. Yummy! nice post! keep up the good writing.

  28. Zambalenean in West Covina, CAJanuary 4, 2012 at 12:33 PM

    Dear Mamely, I came across your blog while looking for pandesal recipe during my lunch break. I will surely be a regular visitor of your site. I am excited to follow your recipe at home. Thank you for sharing freely! God bless you.

  29. a big thank you po for your recipe. just now, hubby bought me a bread machine dahil he knows I like making pandesal. mas madali kesa ako ung mag knead.. sarap sya..

  30. Myra, Zambalenean in West Covina, sorry I have not been able to reply sooner, kasi nagluluko itong comp ko ayaw mag-post ng reply ko.
    Thank you for visiting this blog site. Hope you were able to try this recipe out and your pandesal came out good. Take care!!

  31. hello, MaMely, i have been doing mano-mano on doing pandesal for many times already. Okay naman ang lasa, pero di siya tulad ng nabibli sa labas na airy sa loob. AKin, siksik.. kaya isang pandesal lang, mabubusog na agad.. Mabigat siya. I dont know why..maybe im not patient enough to wait til they really DOUBLE the size, though they did rise already. ..btw, where can i buy VITAL WHEAT GLUTEN here in the phlippines??

    1. anonymous,this pandesal recipe, ay hindi talaga yung airy kind. Yes, siksik nga talaga, substantial BUT soft. Alam ko yung klaseng pandesal na light and airy na paninda dyan sa Pinas. Sorry wala akongng recipe para dun.
      Pag dyan sa Pinas, unless your kitchen has aircon, madali lang mag-rise ang dough...30 minutes lang mag-double size na sila.
      Sorry hindi ko alam saan makakabili ng Vital Wheat Gluten diyan sa Philippines. Siguro they have it sa mga nagtitinda ng baking supplies.

  32. Hello Mamely..I have been looking for a Pan De Sal recipe for a long time..I have found one that uses cake flour/ AP flour and baking powder..I am assuming that they act the same as the Dough Enhancer and Wheat Gluten....I once had a bread maker but gave it away and taught my self to make it by hand..Thank you for sharing..Love your site..

  33. After trying numerous pandesal recipes, I have finally settled for your recipe dahil it ticked all the boxes I want from my pandesal! This one is definitely for keeps! Salamat po ng marami for sharing this recipe!!!

  34. Hi Mamely, new ako dito sa site mo. Your pandesal recipe is the one I've been looking for a long time Please let me know how many tablets of Vitamin C per recipe. Salamat. Next I will try your enseymada recipe.

  35. This is my 3rd attempt of baking pan de sal using my Hamilton Beach bread machine. Previous recipes from other sources were good but your recipe was just perfect in making 32 pcs , 3 inch size pan de sal. It reminds me of pan de sal that I used to buy when I was a kid in the Philippines. Maraming salamat for your recipe.

    1. Dagohoy, thank you very much in taking the time to write your nice comment on here. I'm so glad to hear that you found this recipe perfect for what you're looking for in a pandesal...maraming salamat!!

  36. I'm so sorry. maga kaibigan... I just discovered meron palang mga old comments dito, I'm so surprised to see comments from 2013 pa....I apologize. I never got any feed, so hindi ko nasagot mga tanong nyo....I haven't blog for a long time and haven't open this site until now.....I'm so sorry.