Sunday, September 27, 2009


(They might look like Palitaw, but I assure you these are
Pichi-Pichi in their natural color).

This Philippine kakanin is made with grated cassava (yucca) and
are usually eaten as desserts or as snacks.

If you're in the Philippines or a place where
fresh cassavas are accessible,
fresh grated cassava is used in making this dessert,
but because I don't have that luxury in my neck of the woods,
I used the frozen grated cassava
which is sold in most Asian stores.

Here's the recipe:
1 lb. grated cassava, thawed
1-1/4 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 can coconut cream
1/2 tsp. lye water
1 tsp. vanilla extract
food color, optional (addendum, 9/30/09)

Combine every thing in a bowl then mix well.

Grease molds then fill with the mixture
and then steam for 45 minutes.

Take them out of the molds then coat Pichi2 with grated coconut.

Again, in the Philippines, because of the abundance of coconuts,
we use freshly grated coconut.
Here, I have to settle with this frozen grated coconut
found in most Asian stores.
Do not use dessicated coconut or coconut flakes...not a good idea.

Mag merienda na tayo!!

A note from MaMely:
While making these Pichi-pichi today,
I accidentally discovered another way to make them
without steaming. Isn't that wonderful?
Watch out for my next post!!

AN UPDATE: 9/30/09
A reader e-mailed me saying she thinks these are palitaw and not pichi-pichi. She is right, they sure look like palitaw, but I assure you, these are pichi-pichi in their natural color. I guess we can use some food coloring as they do with the commercial ones.

Click here for the oven-baked method.


  1. I love pichi pichi. I'm going to make theese ones. Thank you

  2. Divina, you might also want to try the other methods of making pichi-pichi..the 2 posts after this one.

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  4. Where can I buy those kind of molds? WOuld love to try your pitchi2x recipe. I would like the molds for puto. Thank you in advance.

  5. Hi Lulu! sorry, it has taken me so long to respond. I got those molds from home (Pinas). Sorry, I don't know of any place here that sells them.