Monday, September 28, 2009

#183_Oven-Baked Pichi-Pichi

The process involved in making Pichi-Pichi
the traditional way is very tedious.
For instance, spooning the mixture into the molds,
placing them in a steamer,
then steaming them for 45 minutes, sometimes up to 1 hour.
The only easy part of the process is mixing the ingredients.
Even cleaning the molds after using them is quite a chore.

Let me quickly share with you, beloved readers and friends,
my serendipitous experience
as I was making Pichi-pichi yesterday.
(see previous post or click here).
After making 2 batches, I got impatient and got tired,
so I decided to put the mixing bowl
with the remaining mixture in it in the oven.

This is what that mixture looked like when
I remembered to check it after about 20 minutes or maybe longer.
I really don't exactly know how long it baked in the oven.
As you can see it was almost burnt because
I almost forgot all about it until I smelled something was burning.

I was nonchalant about it because, oh well, I wasn't really expecting
anything will come out of it.
It really didn't matter to me if it was burnt, after all,
there was only about 1 cup of the mixture that was going to waste.

Then when I started to scrape the unburnt part with a spoon,
I was so delighted to discover that it was so soft and tasted like
the kind of Pichi-pichi sold in the Philippines! yup, the real thing!

I scooped out the unburnt part and formed them into
little balls and coated them with the grated coconut.

I was so excited to discover that
I can now make Pichi-Pichi without all the traditional rituals.
No more using molds and no more steaming.
I can now make a big batch of it in a baking pan....
just scoop them up then form them into different shapes and sizes
and no more molds to wash.
And most important of all is that the taste
is a lot better than the steamed kind.
You know I will be making

this way from now on and I promise to give you
update on the baking time.


Update: 10-3-09

I didn't burn them this time!

I baked another batch today and I greased the baking pan before pouring
in the mixture and baked it for 30 minutes in a 350 degrees pre-heated oven
and the result was very satisfactory.

No burnt edges and the mixture didn't stick on the pan. It was perfect.
BTW, I did not use lye water on this batch. No not lying!!
Pareho rin ang labas. Try niyo!

here for the ingredients

Note from MaMely:
baking time depends on the size of pan used.
For 11"x 9" pan, it takes about 1 hour to bake @ 350 degreesF.

I ran out of grated coconut so I rolled the baked Pichi-Pichi in roasted sesame seeds which turned out looking like buchi. Well, I had deviated from the traditional method of making this dessert, so I might as well deviate all the way, right? Maybe we can call these picho-picho or maybe next time I will make them I will come up with a different shape so they won't be buchi-look-alike.


  1. I just gotta share with you that, like you, after doing the steaming method, I got tired tired of it too, and was not too eager to make pichi-pichi again until I saw in JMom's blog ( about cooking pichi-pichi in microwave. I tried it and it has been my method ever since. Just like making paste, I would microwave the mixture in increments of several minutes initially, then several seconds toward the end, mixing with wire whisk in between, until it becomes like paste. Cooling it down some after it cooked will bring the right consistency, then I could scoop it out and roll in grated coconut. That whole process of cooking in the microwave probably only reaches 10-15 minutes, and no burnt sides, mind you. I was so grateful to JMom for posting that method! (It is also the same method I use to make paste out of cornstarch and water, which I use to seal lumpia instead of beaten egg. As you know, cornstarch can give crispy results in deep frying).
    So I urge you to also try microwaving pichi pichi.

  2. Thank you, Manang for sharing your version. I will surely try the microwave method...any time- saver on anything helps make your life better. he-he. I didn't know you can make the flour paste in the microwave? I make it on stove top. See, another time-saver!
    Thanx Manang and have a nice day!!

  3. You can also use grated cheese when you ran out of grated coconut. Back home (Malabon), they sell these and because of the heat, the pichi pichi does not spoil easily compared to those rolled in grated coconut.

  4. anonymous, that is a great idea! thank you for sharing it. Will try cheese next time.

  5. I miss the one we buy from Amber's.. I like it with coconut though and not with grated cheese :P

  6. hello po! first time ko sa site mo..for cooking Pichi-pichi,ilang tbp puweding ilagay na food color incase kung gusto ko may kulay yung Pichi-Pichi ko?

  7. Anonymous, sorry medyo natagalan akong mag rresponse sa iyo. Meron akong problema sa computer ko. Most of the time hindi ako makapag open ng site ko....anyway, try mo ng isang drop muna yung food coloring, pag gusto mo pa na darker another drop...dapat unti unti ang pag lagy mo ng coloring...sobra na yung tbp. Tingnan mo yung susunod na pichi-pichi recipe #184, v, ang ginamit kung pangkulay yuing McCormick essences...may coloring na at may flavor pa. Tahnk you very much for visiting my site. Take cxare!!