Saturday, October 3, 2009

#184 Microwaved Pichi-Pichi

Pichi-Pichi in Different Flavors.

While I was baking more batches of pichi-pichi,
I read Manang's (of kusina ni manang) comment on my
Oven-Baked Pichi-Pichi post,
that she makes hers by microwaving,
click here and go to the comment box.

Because I was in the process of making a huge batch
to take to my friend, Lisa, who's hosting
a Filipino dinner at her house,
I was able to try out that method right away.
I microwaved a little bit of the mixture to test how it works
and the result was incredible!
It turned out just like the baked kind. It was so amazing.

Suffice it to say, I made the rest of the remaining mixture
in the microwave, following Manang's instructions.
This method is truly a convenient way of preparing this dessert
specially when you want to make different flavors
from one mixture just like I did.
I'm so glad everybody at the dinner enjoyed it.

I was able to make Pichi-Pichi with different flavors
using these bottled essences available at some Filipino Stores.

From left to right: Mango flavor, Ube flavor,
Buko Pandan flavor and Langka flavor.

For Pichi-Pichi ingredients, click here.

The microwaved pichi-pichi
before they were sprinkled with grated coconut.

Now, we can make this delicious dessert
or kakanin in 3 different ways:
1) Steaming method, the traditional way, click here
2) Oven-baked method, click here
3) Microwave oven method

Thank you very much Manang!
I appreciate you for sharing your method of making Pichi-Pichi.

Click here to go to Manang's website.


Here's another option in making this dessert, which is the original and most authentic way. If all you have is a kalan and kawali, and sandok, you can make this dessert. It may sound kind of primitive, but this is how it was done in the first place before standard oven or microwave oven came about, and before somebody came up with the molds.
Cook the mixture until dry and translucent. Let cool, then form into different shapes. Roll in freshly grated coconut.


  1. MaMely,
    Naiinggit naman ako sa flavors mo! I wish I could buy those here too!

  2. Would you like some of these flavors, Manang?
    if you do let me know, I'll be glad to send them to you.
    I'm not sure tho if I can put liquid items in the mail. I'll have to check it with the P.O.
    Maraming salamat Manang!!

  3. MaMely,
    I would love to have these flavors in my pantry! I would appreciate it very much if you could send me some (and I will pay for them, including S&H).
    BTW, I was looking for your method of hard boiled eggs without boiling (#107)'s missing! I would like to refer to it on my post.

  4. Okay Manang, I will be sending you some of these flavors. I need to inquire about sending liquid items with the P.O though. Every time I send a package they always ask me if there's any liquid item in it. You don't need to pay me won't be very much.
    Regarding the #107 post, I deleted it long time ago because my sister thought it was what was causing my site infected. since I posted that( it was from an e-mail) I got all these glitzes even now. I have plenty of pictures missing from my post. Don't know if that is really the case. However, I just discovered recently that all of my entries, even the deleted ones, are in the
    I'll figure out how I will post it back on my blog. i'll let you know.Thanx!
    Take care!!

  5. Hi MaMely,
    Dyahe naman eh, especially that I also would like to ask if you have access to polvoron mold. I have been wanting to try your recipe for polvoron pero ala akong mold. (OK lang kung wala, I will just get from ebay, kahit me kamahalan dun).
    Re mailing liquid items, esp if in breakable containers, just place in ziploc (so they won't leak if they break), wrap good with bubble wrap, place in a small and sturdy box, then wrap with some bubble wrap or peanut styro or shredded/crumpled paper, then place in a slightly bigger box. This should double-box method is sturdy enough not to cause breakage and spillage of the content. That's their concern why they ask you.
    Thanks in advance. I still would be willing to pay, if you change your mind. :)

  6. So sorry I've given away my last spare of polvoron mold. how about a cantaloupe shredder? I saw some at the Fil. Store. I'll have to check if she has some left...these gadgets go really fast when they have them in the store.
    As soon as I go to the store to get the flavors i will mail them off to you.
    Take care!