Wednesday, September 2, 2009

#174_Sinigang na Isda

Fish Stew, Sour Soup or Sinigang

For those unfamiliar with this dish, "Sinigang," can be simply described as stew, but not just an ordinary stew. It is a sour stew using some fresh vegetables or fruits as souring agents. As in my case here in my neck of the woods, I use the powdered form for souring agent as the fresh ones aren't available. Back in the Philippines my mother had used different kinds such as santol, kamias, unriped mangoes, salomague or sampalok....OMG, just thinking of these fruits makes me salivate. These fruits are so sour and make really good Sour Soup.

Sinigang is one of the easiest dish to prepare and very forgiving. There is no right or wrong way as long as its broth is sour. For the veggies, you can use any vegetable you may have like eggplants, green beans, kangkong, etc. Sinigang can be fish, shrimps or pork.

I posted Baked Salmon in Foil a few weeks ago, click here. When the salmon was just partly eaten I knew exactly what to do with it: make Sinigang, because that is the first step I do anyway in making Sinigang na Isda in order to remove the fish odor or taste (langsa) in the broth, except I only bake it for a few minutes so that when cooked in the sour broth the fish will not fall apart.

Here's how I cooked the Sinigang:

I sauteed some chopped garlic in canola oil, then threw in those sliced onions which are on the fish. Added some water then I brought it up to a boil then seasoned it with patis ( you can also use salt). Lowered the heat then simmered it for about 10 minutes. I then added in half a packet of the sinigang powder mix, a piece of ginger, jalapeno pepper, tomato, then simmered for another 5 minutes. I placed the fish into the broth and let it simmer for about 5 minutes, then I took the fish out and placed it on a serving dish. I turned the heat back on medium high and threw in the veggies such as carrots, bokchoy and cabbage and cooked them til the veggies are done. I ladled the broth and veggies in the serving dish with the fish.

O, kain na! lami kaayo!!



  1. Welcome back! You are making me salivate, really in the big sense! Perfect choices of vegetables. Good with rice and all the carbs with it!

  2. Thank you Ebie. This is really good with rice. Kadamo ko makaon, Dai!

  3. My dad use to make this all the time when I was growing up. He always used milk fish which I didn't like, so when I make it I use shrimp, or pork and it's delicious. This dish brings me back

  4. Hi Janice! When I was back home in Pinas I liked the belly part of the milk fish, so did everybody. Haven't had milk fish for a long time. I like shrimp sinigang a lot. Delish!
    Take care!