Tuesday, February 15, 2011

#279_A Cake with a Heart in Every Slice

Here's a cake with a HEART to share with everyone.

a heart in every slice...

For the cake, I used the Chiffon Cake recipe #210

For the inside heart, I used boxed red velvet cake mix,
then filled each cake layer with raspberry jam.

The red hearts are made of candy melts,
melted then formed into heart shapes.

For frosting, I used the old-fashioned Buttercream Frosting
which is powdered sugar+butter+milk,

then garnished with some sweet coconut flakes.

I made this cake especially for my friends Fidel and Lisa
for their 22nd Wedding Anniversary.

I saw this cake from our local tv show, Studio 5 on KSL where the baker

showed how she assembled the cake.
Here's the link>>>>

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