Sunday, July 3, 2011

#310_Palmiers or Elephant Ears

Palmiers: (Pam-Yays)
Sweet and Flaky Pastries

"Also called palm leaves, Palmier are small pastries made from sugar-encrusted puff pastry. The sides of a rectangle of puff pastry are folded into the center, then folded over to make four layers, and cut across the width into thin strips. These are laid on their sides on a baking sheet and they fan out as they bake to resemble the leaves of palm trees. Palmiers are baked until they are crisp and the sugar caramelizes to a rich golden brown. They are served with tea or coffee or as an accompaniment to ice cream and other desserts. France."
(The International Dictionary of Desserts, Pastries and Confections, Carole Bloom [Hearst Books:New York ] 1995 (p. 210)

I don't really see a resemblance between these cookies and the palm trees. Do you? Sometimes things get their names from how we would describe them. So these sweet and flaky cookies are also called Elephant Ears, Butterfly Pastries or Angel Wings, etc.

You can make your own puff pastry to make this or if you're like me,
I like to make my life easier so I just use the store-bought Puff Pastry.

Here's a link where I adapted my recipe from:

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