Monday, July 4, 2011

#311_Edible Dessert Cups

Cups you can eat
yes, they're absolutely edible!

These tiny dessert cups can be filled with fruits,
then topped with whipped cream
or filled with Cream Cheese Filling (recipe#40, click here)
then topped with fruit preserves or jams or what not.
They are made of melting chocolates
for dipping Cake Balls, see recipe #86, click here.
The bottom measures 1 inch and a little bit more than an inch tall.

Cupped version of Cake Balls

Instead of forming the cake into little balls
and dipping them into melted chocolate like the CakeBalls,
I filled each chocolate cup with cake (or brownies too).

I then frosted them with Cream Cheese Frosting
then garnished with raspberries.

These are filled with Cream Cheese Filling then topped
with apricot jam and fresh raspberries.

Here's the link where I got the idea on how to make the dessert cups..

I made mine without using a brush, instead,
just turned and twirled the cups
until all the sides are well coated.
Btw, I cut the molds into individual cups to be able to do that.

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