Monday, June 27, 2011

#309_Petit Fours: Sweet & Petite

Petit Fours
Pronounced, peh-tee-foo-rh

Sweet & petite....these are darling for Baby Showers,
Cocktail Parties, Bridal Showers
or any special occasion.

These are actually Mini Cakes

Although these bite-size cakes look like Petit Fours, I didn't make them the way you'd normally make Petit Fours, instead, I made them the way I make Cake Balls, click here. This way I can decorate them with some cute sugar flowers I just learned to make at the Cake Decorating Class.
So these are actually "Mini Cakes".....flat version of Cake Balls or Cake Bites.

Assuming that you've already checked out the steps on how to make the Cake Balls,
Here's the rest of the procedure for making this Petit Four-like Mini Cakes:
After mixing the cake with frosting, I pressed the cake on a pan
and used a cookie cutter with 1" diameter to cut/mold the cakes.
You can also cut the cake into little squares.
Freeze the cut cakes (or molded cakes) before dipping them in the melted chocolates.