Saturday, August 27, 2011

#317_Quinoa Biko

Quinoa Biko topped with homemade Mango preserves
Pronounced "keen-wah"

As I was doing a research on Quinoa on the net I found out that people in the Andes, South America have been cultivating it for thousands of years, but I just heard of it from a new-found friend last Spring. She told me how it has helped her with her diet being a diabetic. That prompted me to do some research and to my amazement I found some interesting information about it. It was truly amazing to know that this grain is a complete source of protein and high in Magnesium and fiber. If this is the case, pair this grain with Purslane, and who needs multi vitamin pills anymore?

Raw Quinoa Seeds or Grains

Here's a link where you can read about some
interesting facts about this grain, click here.

I cooked this batch of Quinoa in rice cooker and it turned out so nice and fluffy.

Quinoa Biko
(For complete recipe for the original biko using glutinous rice, click here.)

I prepared this Quinoa
Biko style to give it a Filipino flair....

Mixed the cooked Quinoa with brown sugar, coconut cream, and vanilla extract then baked in oven for half an hour.
Quinoa is not like glutinous rice. So when you spoon it on a plate, the grains don't hold together well.
Concerning its taste, although it has a nice nutty flavor, in my opinion, you have to develop a liking for it.

How to cook Quinoa:
here's a couple of helpful links on how to prepare this grain:

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