Sunday, November 20, 2011

#333_Italian Meatballs Sandwich

As you already know, we always associate tomato sauce with Italian cuisine.
It is therefore
appropriate that I use the word "Italian" to describe this sandwich
because its filling is made with meatballs simmered in tomato sauce.

I will skip the making of meatballs part as I already have a post on
"How to Make Meatballs"
(click here).
What I will share with you here is how to make the
Tomato Sauce with Meatballs and how to assemble the sandwich.

Meatballs in Tomato Sauce recipe:

3 Tbsp. olive oil or canola oil
1 small onion, peeled and coarsely chopped

4 cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped
4-cans (14-1/2 oz. each) whole peeled tomatoes, chopped
1 tsp sea salt

1 cup water or broth
fresh basil, crushed
2 Tbsp. brown sugar
Cooked meatballs (click here).

Cooking Directions:
In a large sauce pot over medium heat, heat oil then saute garlic until fragrant. Stir in onions; saute until translucent then add the tomatoes including its juice. Add salt, liquid, and basil, brown sugar and the meatballs. Put lid on and lower heat to low, then...let this sauce simmer for 1-2 hours, stirring once in a while. (Or you can use a crock pot and cook it all day). That's the secret of a good tomato sauce, for use in either pasta or for meatballs, it's the slow and long cooking time.

Before assembling the sandwich....
Slice some vegetables such as red and greed peppers and onion and saute in butter. And one important part of making this sandwich is to use a good crusty bread such as French bread. I also love to use Pan de Sal rolls to make bite-size sandwiches and they are absolutely the best.

To assemble the sandwich....

1) Pre-heat broiler.
2) Slice bread in half and spread some butter or better yet, Garlic Butter, then put them under the broiler, about 1-2 minutes.
3) Place sliced Provolone or mozzarella cheese on the one half of bread

4) Spoon some Meatballs with tomato sauce on the cheese, then top with the sauteed veggies.

This is what I do with mine....put the sandwich back under the broiler and grill just until the cheese is melted.

Update: 11-29-11

Here's my Pan de Sal with Meatballs

Ohhh, Yum-O!!

Notes from MaMely:
How to make Garlic Butter: here's the link,
click here.
For Pan de Sal recipe, click here.

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