Sunday, September 28, 2008

#10_ Fried Tilapia Fillet

This is for my friend, Bobbi, who cooks her tilapia fillets in the microwave! Yup, Microwave! No wonder she said they taste awful. You don't cook fish in the microwave dear! I heat up my cold COOKED fish in the microwave. Microwaves are good kitchen helpers but they're just good for heating up food and such.

I thought maybe she'd come out today so I got a package of the fillets last night. After they thawed out, I rinsed and seasoned them with salt and put them back in the fridge and fried them today. This recipe is from my friend Aida who is a very creative cook.

There's 6 pieces of fillets in a package.
Other ingredients you'll need:
Eggwhites from 2 eggs
2 heaping TB cornstarch
Enough water to dissolve the cornstarch
Canola oil for frying

1.In a fry pan, heat some canola oil on medium low

2. Beat the egg whites and add some salt

3. Dissolve cornstarch in water and mix in with the eggwhites

4. Dip each fillet in the egg white mixture

5.Fry the fillets about 5-8 minutes on each side, turning once

Serve with your favorite sawsawan or condiments

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