Friday, February 6, 2009


Corn Pudding with coconut milk
A variant of Maja Blanca

I made this pudding once before using a recipe I got from some Philippine cookbook, but it did not turn out good. I didn't make it anymore until I saw a recipe of maja blanca shared by BettyQ, a reader of I thought I'll give it a try. Her recipe though calls for 8 cups of fresh carabao's milk!! Geee! where can I get carabao's milk??? She also provided a sustitute for the carabao's milk which is avalon milk. I believe the latter can be found in Canada where she is from. Well, being in Utah, I don't have access to either kind of milk and so I just used our Utah fresh milk from the grocery store shelves. When I go back to Pinas I will try her original recipe using carabao's milk.

BettyQ's recipe also calls for latik or the curdles from coconut milk. I skipped that part. Instead I added some corn inspired by Ing from snapeat.

Here's the recipe: I cut the recipe down to a quarter from Betty's recipe.

2 cups fresh milk
1/2 cup cornstarch
1 can coconut cream
1/2 cup sugar
1 can cream-style corn
1tsp. salt
1) Dissolve the cornstarch with part of the fresh milk
2) Combine and put all of the ingredients in a non-stick pot
3) Simmer over medium low heat, stirring once in a while. When the pudding starts to get bubbly, stir constantly until thickened. Take it off the heat.
4) Pour pudding in a buttered pan and smooth the top out
5) Let it set for a few hours before slicing

I didn't have cream-style corn so I processed a can of whole kernel corn in a food processor.

According to BettyQ's recipe, let the pudding set overnight.

I don't know if it really makes a difference from just letting it set for few hours or eating it immediately, because I coudn't wait that long to dig in!!


  1. I have tasted only once a good-tasting maja. I think I tried to make one before basing on some online recipes, but it turned me off because it really really tasted nothing more than starch with sugar and corn...maybe this will satisfy my palate. cross fingers!

  2. I took this to my friends to let them try it because I'm the only one at my house who eats it, they said it is really good. pasado naman. It passed the taste test.

  3. Hi MaMely what about using the evaporated milk as I usually use. The same pa rin ba ang measurement sa fresh milk and the evap milk?

  4. Manang Kim, thank you fo coming by.
    Evaporated milk should measure the same as the fresh milk.I haven't tried using evap yet.

  5. I tried also this recipe for the first time and I doubled it using 15x21 tray sa party namin...woooow naubos kaagad...taste so ggoooood...walang natira para sa late eaters....the best maja I had ever tried...keep this recipe the rest of my life.....he he he masayang masaya ako dahil hindi nawaste ang ings.ko di kagaya sa ibang experiment ko....salamat MaMely you made my day so beautiful and wonderful....