Tuesday, July 14, 2009

#158_Dutch Oven Cooking: a.k.a., "Kaldero at Kalan"

Dutch ovens are basically pots made of cast iron with tight lids.
Usually, burning coals are placed on top of the lids
as well as underneath the pot.
Let me also point out that the Mormon Pioneers
who pushed carts from Nauvoo, Illinois to settle here in Utah,
took along with them Dutch ovens,
thus, Dutch oven is the official State cooking pot in Utah.
I found this information from Mr. Wiki.

At the family reunion which we had a week ago (post #156) ,
our hosts, Mr and Mrs Passey,
provided most of the food which were cooked in Dutch ovens.

Mr. Passey made 2 kinds of b-b-q meats and scalopped potatoes.
My SS, Gary, made some vegetable casserole,
and SIL, Carl, made peach cobbler for dessert.

These gentlemen are Dutch oven
connoissuers. Every thing was so good.

Dutch oven cooking reminds me of our way of cooking in Pinas.
I came from a not-so-privileged family,
and as such we used to use wood burning stoves for cooking,
commonly known as the "kalan" where the pot or "kaldero" sits over the fire.
The "Esso Gasul" or maybe it was "Shellane" (I don't remember)
and "La Germania" came later on in my life.
"Dutch oven cooking" is a way of life over there
if you're not so privileged like myself,
but here in the States it is part of recreation or leisure living.

For me, I never found pleasure in "kalan" cooking specially
when I had to start the fire and the wood was damp.
Nothing was so horrible than the smell of that
unpleasant soot coming from the fire wood.
ahhh! memories, memories!!

Pork B-B-Q cooking in Dutch oven

Randy checking the potatoes.

Gary making his delicious vegetable casserole in dutch oven

Scalloped Potatoes ready

Here's my plate. I have both beef and pork b-b-q,
scalloped potatoes, vegetable casserole and some grapes.
The food not only tasted good but also the aroma filled the unpolluted air.

Braxton is happy with what he's got on his plate.


  1. I love my dutch oven. The result is good when I cook my menudo or anything meaty dishes.

  2. Wow, you guys having lots of fun! Such a wonderful outing with family.

  3. Ebie, thank you for coming by. You're lucky you own one. I only have a cast iron skillet. One of these days I will invest in one.
    Take care!

  4. My Little Space, thank you for your visit. Yes, everybody had a blast at the reunion, probably because it only happens once a year. ha-ha!!

  5. Mamely, inggit ako sa mga food nyo jan!

  6. peachskins, thanx...it was fun!

  7. Mukhang magagaling lahat kayo magluto dyan ah! kakainggit naman ang company mo!

  8. Thank you, Manang. Everything was fabulous!!

  9. where did you find the grate that goes over the fire pit in the pick?

    1. sc, that's a grate for a well window.