Monday, December 28, 2009

#209_Gifts from Cyber Friends

A fellow blogger and cyber friend surprised me with these fabulous Christmas gifts:

.... a jar of my favorite bread and butter pickles which she makes, an awesome Christmas card with her beautiful family picture on it, a very nice letter which I enjoyed reading, and a baking gadget called cream horn molds for making bread cones.

I first tried her bread and butter pickles when she sent me a few jars early this year and they are the best! That motivated me to plant some cucumbers this last summer to make some myself using her recipe, unfortunately I only harvested 2 pieces of cucumbers, which was not worth pickling at all. I will give it another try this summer though.

Thank you very much, Manang for your wonderful friendship! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and may the coming New Year will be a great year for everyone in your family!!!

Gifts From a Reader:

A sweet reader of this blog sent me these baking gadgets, which she brought back from France, bless her heart! A silpat mat and a couple of silicon baking molds. How wonderful!! Thank you very much Carolina. I will surely put these into good use. I appreciate you and hope you'll continue to find the recipes in this blog useful.

Merry Christmas to you and to your family and loved ones and hope you have a wonderful New Year!!!

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  1. Hi Mely,
    I was browsing your recipes on the main page and was particularly interested in that palitaw with sesame sauce, then as I scrolled I saw these familiar items! Well, you are so welcome, and I thank you also for your gift! (I had been meaning to post about that too, but I often forget! Tumatanda na talaga!).