Thursday, December 24, 2009

#208_Mr. & Mrs. Santa's Lunch

Day Before Christmas

It is Christmas Eve here on this part of the Western continent... North America to be specific. Outside, it has stopped snowing, but there's plenty of snow on the ground and ohhhh, it is f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g cold, but not that frightful though. In fact, it is perfect for sleigh rides, unfortunately though Santa's sleigh broke down. So he and his wife decided to take a break from the hussle and bussle of the holiday season and to have lunch at home.

Mrs. Santa made some fabulous meatloaf using spaghetti sauce plus ketchup instead of the traditional tomato sauce. Moist and awesome!

Then she made a special treat for Santa: home made French fries. It is Mr. Santa's favorite side dish which he can eat a bucketful of these if Mrs. Claus lets him.

...and Santa likes his meatloaf with tomato glaze on top. The glaze is basically ketchup and brown sugar and some spices cooked on top of the stove. He also likes his meatloaf topped with sharp cheddar cheese.

On the other hand, Mrs. Claus likes her meatloaf with just ketchup on top and NO cheese.
She enjoys her meatloaf with garlic fried rice and some bread and butter pickles sent to her by Manang.

Santa's little wify must be a Filipino?!

Now, their bellies are full and Santa sits comfortably in his favorite chair while Mrs. Claus is back in the kitchen making some goodies to take to a Noche Buena party at a friend's house tonight. Yes, Mrs. Santa must be a Filipino to be going to a Noche Buena ( Christmas Eve midnight feast).

From the kitchen, Mrs. Claus can hear loud burps, aside from the other thing, from Mr. Santa emanating from the other room before he finally dozed off followed by sounds of his signature snores. Yes, Santa is as real as anybody else! and that is a much needed nap for Santa as he has been working hard.

He will then be preparing for more coming events, like the following:

An open house with their family on Christmas day where the children and g'children will partake of some yummy desserts and plenty of hors d'oervres or in plain word, munchies.

A trip to an smorgasbord place called Chuck-A-Rama with the whole family and some friends the day after Christmas is on his agenda.

Then Santa will be treating his grand kids to a movie and to McDonalds a few days after that.

Then...hopefully, Mr. Santa can go back in his favorite chair to take a little longer rest and enjoy the coming of NEW YEAR!!

and more hopefully, he can fill up his sack once again with more coins as his fund is running low by least this Santa.


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