Tuesday, May 11, 2010

#242_Donuts & Twist Donuts, Pilipit or Shakoy

I didn't use any special doughnut recipe to make these donuts or twist donuts or pilipit as we call them in the Philippines.

When I was making some Pan de Sal one day, I decided to use just half of the dough and used the other half to make some donuts. To my surprise, these donuts turned out really good.

For the Pan de Sal recipe, click here.

Here's how to make the Pilipit or Twist
After second rising just cut the dough into golf ball sizes, roll each piece into ropes, about 6 inches long, twist each rope to form a number 8 figure pinching the ends together. Fry in hot oil.

The kids and grand kids love them.

From the same dough, I made some traditional donuts without using a donut cutter (I should invest in one) by connecting the 2 ends of the roped dough together, then fried them... they might not be the perfect-looking doughnuts just like the ones sold commercially, but hey, these are home-made and they are absolutely yummy!

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