Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#326_Pan de Pao, Pan de Queso & Pan de Sal

One dough, 3 ways....
Pan de Pao
(According to MaMely)

I'm absolutely sure most of you have heard of Siopao ( steamed buns) and Puto Pao, but have you ever heard of Pan de Pao yet? Probably not... I know, because I just made that name up. We can also call this "Chicken Adobo Pan de Sal" because that's what it actually is... Pan de Sal stuffed with Chicken Adobo.

As I was making some Pan de Sal today, I noticed some left-over Chicken Adobo in the fridge, so I thought I better use it before it goes to waste....and the result is my amazing Pan de Pao. It's really nothing but baked Siopao (meat roll, see post #73, click here), only with the Pan de sal signature look which is the bread crumbs on the bread, but somehow, the whole thing is like a totally new kind of bread. This is probably because it is half Pan de Sal and half Siopao which is an excellent combination. I don't usually rave about my own cooking, but this one gets a high mark.

Click here for the Pan de Sal recipe.
Click here for my Chicken Adobo recipe.

For the filling I heated up the Chicken Adobo in a saucepan,
sprinkled some sugar and mixed in some cornstarch dissolved in cold water
to thicken the sauce.

Hope you'll give this a try next time you make some Pan de Sal.

Pan de Queso or Cheese Buns

How about Pan de Queso or Cheese Buns? this isn't new at all as I got the idea from an old cook book, but the original name of the recipe is Cheese Bread. I kneaded in some grated sharp cheddar cheese and a little bit of Parmesan cheese into the dough, then shaped them into mini bread. Tossed the shaped dough into some bread crumbs. I then used the rest of the dough to make regular Pan de Sal.

There you go.....from one dough you can make 3 different kinds of bread, hence, one dough, 3 ways.

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