Sunday, April 12, 2009

#110_Easter Dinner

Bunny Rolls

My husband said they look more like pigs than bunnies.
Maybe he is right, but the G'kids thought they are bunnies.
Maybe it is because I had told them that
I made them "bunny rolls" before they saw them, ha-ha!!

So if my husband really thinks these look like pigs
then I might as well call them lechon rolls. LOL!!
Translation of lechon in English?
Roast pig.

Dinner Rolls baked in muffin pans

I used the Potato Dinner Rolls recipe
Click here for the recipe

Chocolate Cupcakes
with cream cheese frosting
garnished with dyed coco
nut flakes and jelly beans

Amy, our daughter usually makes these cupcakes
and since she worked all night last night
and will be working again tonight as a nurse,

I don't think she will be making them for today.
So I attempted to make them myself.
I didn't do as good of a job as she does but I want
to have something
Easter-y for the Gkids.

G'daughter Lindsey taking a bite off a cakeball

Vegetable Casserole with Alfredo sauce,
topped with cheese, (posting recipe later)

Angela made this cake and she got the recipe online.
It is a very good cake except I don't like its name.
It's one of those better than s_ _
kind of cake. I think she changed the name to
"Better-than-Brad Pitt Cake" though.

Amy made some of her signature sugar cookies
which was a hit today as always.

She also brought some green salad and spiral ham, both not pictured.

I made some Banana Cream Pie, not pictured,
and Sally brought some pumpkin cookies, not pictured either.
It was hard to keep up with all the food.

This is Potatoes 'N Cream
The recipe is in my former company's cookbook.
(not my company...I meant, the company I used to work for)
I will post the recipe later.

Charlie and Nikki brought some Scalloped Potatoes, not pictured
It was really good!

Roast Beef

7 1/2 pounds of rump roast,
4 hrs in the oven and finished cooking it in the crockpot
for 2 more hours
for moist and tender roast.

We had a nice Easter dinner as always,
hope you did too!


  1. This is such a feast! Wonder woman prepared most of the food by herself!

  2. Thank you Ebie,
    The kids brought some good stuff too. Can you tell, the Johnsons like to celebrate with food? There were more desserts than main course.ha-ha!!

  3. MaMely,
    Cant wait to see recipes of your easter feast. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Anonymous, my pleasure sharing all these good food,ha-ha! my family loves food specially desserts.I will be posting some recipes soon.
    Take care!