Thursday, April 30, 2009

#117_Potatoes 'N Cream

Potatoes 'N Cream

This is one of the dishes that I made for our
Easter dinner this year.
I better post the recipe before Easter comes again.
It is easy to make and yet a very elegant way
to prepare a potato dish and
goes really well with any kind of meat
such as roasts, b-b-q, steaks, etc.
It is so creamy and so flavorful that you will not miss the gravy.

6 large potatoes, peeled and sliced long like french fries
1/2 pint heavy cream (not whipped)
1/2 can evaporated milk
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 stick butter, cubed
1/2 cup chopped onion
2 cups grated cheese

Put potatoes in a greased baking dish
Add in milk, cream and seasonings (salt and pepper)
Spread chopped onion on top
Dot with butter
Cover dish with aluminum foil
Bake in a 350 degrees oven for 1 hour
Take out the foil and spread the grated cheese on top
Return to oven uncovered and bake for another 5 minutes

This recipe can be easily doubled or tripled.
Most of the time I use 5 pounds of potatoes for our family
in a 10"x15"x2" baking dish increase the cream to
1 pint and evaporated milk to 1 can.
Put more cheese on top.

Very creamy and really good!!


  1. Sounds super-creamy! I bet this didn't last very long. We love baked potato casseroles so this is right up our alley.

  2. Tangled Noodle, thank you for dropping by. Yes, very creamy and yet the potatoes keep their shapes until you dig into it.If you love potatoes you'll like this too. This is similar to scalloped potatoes but you don't have to arrange the potatoes in the baking dish. Just dump those taters into the dish, a time saver.

  3. My daughter loves potatoes, any potato! I will try this recipe next week.

  4. hello, Ebie! I'm positive your D'ter will come to love this to!. my G'kids love it.

  5. Hi there Mely, I have made a casserole sinilar to this with the hashbrown patties and I add fried, crispy bacon crumbled either in the casserole or on top with fresh chives. It's delicious!

  6. Stephanie, that is an xcellent idea, bec. I love bacon. I bet it will add some crunchiness to the potatoes! Will try it next time. Thanx for the idea.Take care!