Tuesday, November 4, 2008

#30_ G.O.'s Smoothie

Smoothie for breakfast. A glass for me and two glasses for hubby

Years ago my husband was into juicing. He juiced and mixed up different kinds of vegetables. He liked the juice but cleaning up was a bit of a task. There's a lot of different parts of the juicer to clean afterwards. About 10 years ago, our son Kelly, bought him an industrial type blender that he saw at the State Fair, where some guys were doing demos powderizing marbles. It is heavy duty and my husband liked it a lot and cleaning up is easy. He tried and experimented with different kinds of fruits or vegetables that can be can mixed together. Most of the juices you won't want to smell bu it didn't take him long before he finally came up with what he liked the best.

Here's his basic mix with his Smoothie concoction: a banana, an apple, an orange and a piece of carrot. You're probably thinking "what is the carrot doing with those fruits"? Honestly, it took me awhile to get use to it. A carrot in the fruit smoothie is somewhat a misfit as the Juiceman tells you that you can't mix vegetables with fruits when juicing. My husband said this isn't juicing, but a smoothie..ing (if there's such a word) ahh maski na! it has a physcological effect di ba?! I know how much nutrients a carrot has, so I had to force myself to like it and eventually, I like it! I really do! Actually, if I served a glass of this smoothie without telling you that there's some carrot in there, you can't even tell there's some in it because you can't taste the carrot at all.

To the basic fruits (and carrot), he adds whatever fruits we have available. The picture above are of pineapple, peaches and grapes that I had frozen. If strawberries are in season, I buy them in bulks and freeze them too. I love my smoothie with strawberries.

For this particular smoothie:
Put in the blender a cup of orange juice, then the banana, peeled orange, sliced apple, sliced carrot, then the frozen grapes, pineapple, peaches and about 3-4 ice cubes. Blend until smooth.
Just remember to put liquid in the blender first followed by the softiest ingredient. Always put in ice cubes on top.

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