Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Exactly one week from today is Thanksgiving Day. I have been busy planning and preparing for the dinner. There's going to be about 45 people for the dinner. I might not have time to post an entry between now and Thanksgiving because I have tons of stuffs to do. I will also squeeze in my Christmas lights and Christmas decorations outside before it gets too cold to do it. I hope I will have time to take pictures of the food so I will have some materials to post in this blog.

Here's a sample of the Johnson family traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu:

Roast turkey ....and all the trimmings, such as gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffings/dressings, and ham. I hope I will be able to find a 22-pound turkey. I looked today, but the biggest I saw was 20 lbs. I will be making some cheesecakes which is my husbands favorite dessert
The kids will be bringing the drinks, side dishes and desserts, desserts and lots of desserts

I will have about 15 Filipino friends at the dinner so maybe I will make the following:

Crema de frutas, ube brazo de mercedes and maybe some nilagang karneng baka (pochero? or bulalo?)


  1. Wow, this is a lot of work! I have to ask you, I have not been lucky to find beef shank for nilagang baka, do you request this cut from the butcher? If I am not mistaken that is beef shank you are using in your nilagang baka. It looks so good!!

  2. Thanks anonymous.
    Yes, those are beef shanks. Sometimes I use oxtail too for the nilaga.
    Take care!