Wednesday, November 12, 2008

#34_Hamburger Sandwich

A hamburger sandwich is my husband's main staple, it is his "comfort food". He can eat one or two everyday. When he was a young boy, his mom owned a cafe in downtown Salt Lake City where she served hamburgers. I don't know how big those hamburgers were, but she let Gregg eat two hamburger sandwiches at a sitting. Until now, if I make hamburgers at home, he wants two quarter pounders. It is a good thing that when we eat out he only orders one.

At home he eats his hamburger sandwiches with corn chips and tomato salsa. Sometimes I treat him with some homemade fries

I make the hamburgers using the 85/15 ground beef. Season the patties with some seasoned salt or any dry rub on both sides. Sometimes I grill them on an electric grill, but most of the time I cook the patties in a skillet on the stove with 2 tablespoons of water and some Worcestershire sauce. This sauce is a hamburger booster. Cover the skillet and cook these patties on medium low heat until the liquid on the bottom of skillet is almost dried out or when clear liquid comes out of the meat when pierced with a knife. Turn the patties over and cook the other side just until they turned brown.

This is all he wants in his burger sandwich: a huge hamburger patty, a slice of tomato, some onions, a piece of cheese, a piece of lettuce, some ketchup with no pickles, no mayo.

If I fix hamburger sandwiches, it is for Sunday dinners. He'd be happy as a lark with his two burgers and I'd be happy as a maya (a Philippine bird, a tree sparrow) with my rice and adobo or anything Pinoy.

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