Sunday, November 16, 2008

#37_Strawberry Shortcake

Scrumptious Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry shortcake is my #1 dessert. It is a popular summer dessert because summer season is when strawberries are in abundance.

It is strange to see a lot of strawberries this time of the year, but last week this one store had plenty of them and their price was like it was last summer. As soon as I saw these beautiful California grown strawberries I knew what I was going to do with them. The first thing that came to my mind was Strawberry Shortcake! The second thing was to freeze them for smoothies. I bought a case of 8 lbs. for less than seven dollars, that's an unbelievable price for winter season.

Strawberry Shortcake it is!!

This dessert comes in 3 parts: (1) the base, which can be beignet, scone or biscuit (2) filling, which is prepared by, first, washing, hulling and slicing the fruit, then the strawberries are mashed and sprinkled with white sugar and then it is set in the fridge for few minutes for the sugar to suck the juice out of the strawberries and becomes its own syrup (3) the topping which is made of real heavy cream, whipped with sugar. This is the traditional way or the old-fashioned way.

The above procedure is far different from this recipe that I'm sharing with you. This version is quick and easy and the modern way. I'm sure those who are strawberry shortcake connoisseurs will frown upon this recipe as I usually use store-bought pound cake, or angel food cake, or some dessert cups. Sometimes I use just white cake made from the boxed cake mix for the base. I don't think I'd use biscuits for the base though for two reasons: one, I don't like biscuits that much, two, biscuits are their best when they are warm and I don't think I want to eat this dessert with warm biscuits. Well, of course that's just me.

For the filling, I use Danish Dessert to glaze the strawberries. For the topping, I just use good ol' cool whip.
The only part in this recipe that you need to use the stove for is making the glaze or you don't even have to use the stove, just microwave the water instead.

Here's my version of the Strawberry Shortcake which is as easy as 1-2-3:
1) Wash, hull, and slice about 1 lb. of fresh strawberries.
2) Make the glaze following the directions on making "pie glaze" on the back of box of Danish Dessert.
3) Fold in the sliced strawberries.

These are called dessert cups and are made specially for Strawberry Shortcakes.They are just like regular yellow cake made by Hostess Bakery

4) Fill these store-bought dessert cups with the strawberry fillings

5) top them with a dollop of whipped cream.



1) The other kind of cake pictured with the dessert cup is angel food bar (cake) also made specially for shortcakes. Slice it up depending on the thickness you prefer. It will give you about 10 slices.

2) If using cake from cake mix, 9 x 13 or 11 x 15, spread the filling on top of cake and slice into serving size squares. Top each slice with whipped cream.

UPDATE: 12-30-09

Since I've perfected making Chiffon Cake, I've been using the chiffon cake or the mamon as the cake base for Strawberry Shortcake. It is so delish, you gotta try it. Click here for chiffon cake, or here for mamon.