Thursday, November 27, 2008

Johnson's Thanksgiving Dinner (Check out related pictures in my other blog:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...sumpal la! Nalpasen apo!
I'm still so exhausted so I will be posting some recipes maybe next week. In the meantime, here are pictures of some items which I took while I was cooking them this morning. I found out that I can't do both cooking and taking pictures at the same time, specially when I am running behind the schedule. Like today, it was very hectic. I didn't get to take a lot of pictures.
Butterball turkeys don't come with pop-up timers. Therefore I bought a pop-up timer and stuck it into the turkey breast before I put it in the oven. When I took the bird out of the oven, when the timer popped up, the turkey was nice and golden brown. Everybody at the dinner said that the turkey was so moist and tender.

Swedish meatballs cooking in a crockpot

I put the spiral ham in a roaster oven to bake while I roasted the turkey in the big oven

Stuffing with Italian sausage

Bulalo, my favorite dish and comfort food, with yam, potatoes, green cabbage, plantain banana, bokchoy, and napa cabbage. This is one dish that you can make ahead of time. I boiled the meat a few days before and just before serving, I reheated it and put in the veggies.
I peeled and mashed 20 lbs. of potatoes and put it in another roaster oven which I borrowed from my friend, Aida, to keep the mashed potatoes warm.


  1. Mamely,
    What part of the beef do you use for bulalo? Is that what you call beef shank? I have a hard time looking for that particular kind of cut. I love your site.

  2. bulalo is the shank, with the bone marrows.
    You can also use any cut of beef such as ribs or mga buto-buto ng baka, but then it will become "nilagang karneng baka"

  3. Sorry, just checked your response. I asked the same question earlier in the thanksgiving post regarding this,that is, if I have to request this kind of cut from the butcher, because I have not been able to find it. I am not sure if you posted a recipe for this -- I am curious how you make your bulalo.

  4. Sorry for asking too many questions regarding your bulalo. I am sure I would be able to find this cut soon. I did try the ribs but after seeing your bulalo, I want to try exactly that kind of cut, with bone marrow. Thank you, as always.

  5. Oh, please don't be're always welcome to ask any question.
    Do you have a Wal-Mart store close to you? I have seen some beef shanks at their store before. I think most of the stores here have shanks all the time so I've never requested from the butcher.
    I've never posted a recipe for the bulalo. It got shoved at the back burner,ha-ha!! There are other dishes I made last year that I didn't get to post recipes either. I need to back track and catch up before the holidays are here again.