Monday, May 25, 2009

#128_Celebrating Memorial Day with Friends and Food

We spent Memorial Day eating and visiting with friends
at a friends' house

Some friends at the party...
this group is my favorite group, that's
why I took this picture of them.

Preparing the smorgasbord....

There was plenty of food...chop suey, lechon kawali,
fried fish, just to mention a few.
The dessert table was full of good stuff.

I didn't get to take pix of all the food as I got busy eating...
you know how that goes!

Waiting around for the sun to go down....

Yah,'s killing us softly!! (music).

somebody emerged from the smorgasbord tent
with some yummy food on her plate....
Aside from pancit and lumpia (egg rolls)
she has on her plate the bacon-wrapped smokies,
Filipino bistek, chop suey, some kind of green veggies
and rice at the bottom.

Poor chicken, they got grilled!
Marinated then grilled.

Bacon-Wrapped Cocktail Smokies

Yours truly made these and they were a hit.
I will be posting the recipe later.

I made 2 packages of the Li'l smokies and were gone quick.
Other food I took to the party were
Pani popo, (recipe
here) another best seller,
Bread Pudding (recipe here) and the Filipino bistek.
These last two weren't the most favorites but were eventually gone too.


  1. Ay nagutom ako sa kakatitig nang mga food hehe.

  2. Manang Kim, Oo, napakaraming pagkain doon!Nag-enjoy ako talaga!