Tuesday, June 9, 2009

#138_Food Finds: Pastel de Tres Leches

For Kimberlee's graduation dinner, we went to her favorite restaurant called
Paloma Blanca, an authentic Mexican restaurant
in downtown San Antonio.

As soon as I opened the menu,
I saw the Tres Leches cake listed on the dessert list,
I knew I want a slice of it!
I have a recipe of this cake that I've always wanted
to try but it doesn't have a picture.
From the ingredients I can tell that it is a very rich cake,
but I am kind of reluctant to make it as I didn't have any idea
what it should look like or should taste like.
Now that I tried an authentic one,
I have something to base mine on.

Authentic Pastel de Tres Leches

I told the server that I want a slice with my meal
because I didn't want my curiosity to kill me
and to make sure I have room for the whole slice.

I was kind of disappointed though that the cake was soaked
with the milk sauce which made the cake soggy,
but the server said that is how this cake is supposed to be.
She even poured some more of the sauce on the cake
before she brought it to me.

I think the strawberry was just for garnish, but
it actually balanced out the sweetness of the milk sauce.
Without that piece of strawberry,
this dessert was cloyingly sweet.

If I were to make this dessert,
I will top it with lots of sliced strawberries
and make it as part of the cake.
It was really good with strawberries.

All gone!!

Despite the sogginess of the cake and overly sweet-tasting milk sauce,
it was good and I actually like it.
I didn't realized until later though that the leches are milk... too late!!
because I had to suffer the rest of the day from
lactose intolerance!!!!

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