Saturday, June 27, 2009

#151_Chicken Salad in Bread Cones

Bread Cones
Bread Cornucopia

This is a copycat idea from a site,
the Knead for Bread, click here ,
that I stumbled upon the other day
where the author used store-bought molds to shape the bread.
I was so impressed at how elegant his bread cones were,
and before I wondered where I can order those cone molds from,
he mentioned a link to a site where another blogger made hers out of paper.

Paper??!! yes, cardstock papers from flyers. She is a genious!
I'll just give you their links instead of repeating
the instructions in this post.
Click here.

Using paper to make the molds for the cones is so intriguing
and at the same time impressive to me that
I didn't waste any time trying to make the bread cones
following her instructions.
Please go to her site, click here.

I was kind of nervous that I might start a fire,
so I kept a good eye on the oven
the whole time the bread cones were baking.
Very amazing!! and very clever!!

My cones didn't turn out as good-looking
as theirs because I didn't brush them with egg wash,
nevertheless, they definitely taste awesome!

For the dough, I used my Pan de Sal recipe #20, click here
because it has already been tested by me
and I already know the measurements by heart.

For the filling , I used some left over chicken salad, recipe here,
but chopped the bacon and diced the tomatoes
and mixed them all up.
Very presentable!
I give this a two-thumbs up!!

The next item I'd like to try is their Asian Doughnuts.
Looks like Pinoy pilipit.


  1. Hello Mely,
    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I think your bread cones came out wonderful! You did a great job!. I love your blog...and must come back to check it often. You have some wonderful, wonderful recipes.
    Take care,

  2. Oh, Ellie,thank you very much for your kind comment. I love yours too!

  3. Mely,

    Mukhang masarap po ito. Impress ako sa detailed instructions ninyo. Thank you for posting this recipe.


  4. Thank you, Jen for your compliments and for dropping by!
    Take care!

  5. MaMely,
    This is a wonderful idea and a nice twist of a hoagie...instead of baking the food inside, you just create this hollow space to put in cold food! Perfect for summer!
    Magaya nga one of these days...haha!

  6. It really is a wonderful idea, manang.

  7. MaMely,
    My older son was just telling me we should make "cornettes" which is a Japanese pastry shaped like a cone filled with chocolate custard. He described that we just make a cone-shaped foil, then wrap the dough around it...then I said, hmmm....I have seen that before...and I remembered right that it was your post where I saw this idea first! So I showed this to him. He got more excited to make his "cornette" (he loves anything Jap!)

  8. Ohhh, Manang, I'm sooo sorry I neglected this comment of yours. I don't know how I had missed it? Hope you forgive me. Anyway, yes, I had fun making these cones, I'm sure you are going to have fun making them with your son too. Chocolate custard filling sounds a good idea!. Take care!!