Tuesday, June 23, 2009

#149_Super Easy Slushy Punch

Slushy Punch.

This drink is not only refreshing, but
also elegant to serve in any occasion.
The recipe has been in our family since my friend,
Aida taught me how to make it many years ago.
Since then I had served it in several wedding receptions
and in many family gatherings.
Kids and adults alike enjoy it every time I serve it.

All you need is ready-to-drink punch and Sprite

It is super easy to make except you need to prepare it ahead of time
to freeze the ready-to-drink punch.

You can use any kind and any flavor of punch you like.
Fill ice cube trays with your favorite punch
and freeze them until they become solid.

You can also use little plastic containers to freeze the punch in.

About 2 hours before you need it,
put the frozen punch in a punch bowl...

Pour bottles of Sprite in to the bowl.
Let it sit to thaw out the frozen cubes of punch
until they become soft and

To garnish:

Add some sliced strawberries or sliced limes
in to the orange slush and allow them to float.
For the strawberry flavored slush, add sliced oranges.

For the Proportion:
To a gallon of frozen punch, add 2 two-liter bottles of Sprite.



  1. This looks good and very easy! Now I need to get myself a punch bowl!

  2. Hello, Manang! It is really easy. For few individual servings, just put some frozen punch cubes in a glass and pour in some sprite, let it sit for a few minutes til slushy. Kids will enjoy it specially by the pool.