Tuesday, June 16, 2009

#146_Filipino Get-Together Dinner

We had a little Filipino get-together last Saturday
and as usual there was plenty of food and
everything was so good!!!
But I had to discreetly took some pictures
while my friends, Aida and Erlinda,
were trying to organize the buffet table,
so the people there wouldn't think I was nuts for
taking pictures of food instead of people.

Here's some of the food I was able to take pictures of....

You can always tell if it's a Filipino party when there's lumpia.


My friend Aida made this soup which was a hit. Ubos na ubos!
The soup was ladled into serving bowls
and sprinkled with crushed chicharon.
I like the kind of noodles she used, it is very delish.
The chicharon brings out the true Pinoy food in the soup....
no wonder some people call this a comfort food.
I asked her for the recipe which I will be posting here later.

Another of Aida's dish that was so good is the hamonado.
I need to get a lesson from her on how to make this dish as
I've tried making it once before,
but it didn't turn out the way she makes it.

Pancit Sotanghon.

Another pancit

Mango Custard Cake
Before I took this to the party, I took a slice off it for a picture.


  1. MaMely, favorite ko itong Mango Custard cake, recipe ha? Its mango season na!

  2. I'll be posting the recipe soon!

  3. I'll wait for the recipe too! i love mangoes!

  4. Okay..it's in draft right now.

  5. Hello MaMely can i have the recipe of mango custard cake?looks delicious talaga e..wait ko po tnx.

  6. Anonymous, i once posted the recipe but pulled it out becauce I was going to modify it. If you want give me your e-m address so I can e-mail it to you. Here's my e-m address: melypresto@gmail.com