Wednesday, August 19, 2009

#169_BLT Sandwich Minus B & L

Fresh Tomato Open-Face Sandwich

I learned to make this sandwich from my g'son Spencer,
when he was helping me picked tomatoes
in the yard many years ago.
He said to me "gramma let's make some tomato sammich".
I said yes but, we don't have bacon.
He said we don't need bacon; then he showed me how.
Now I'm hooked but,
I only make this with freshly-picked tomatoes.
This is one reason why I plant tomatoes every year.

You need a good toasting bread like French bread, bagel, baguette, etc.

Toast slices of bread then slather them with mayo,
then top with slices of fresh tomatoes.

Sprinkle with salt. That's it!!
Really yummy!!



  1. I saw my in-laws make these, and I had to admit, they were good! But I would still add lettuce, because if I come to think of it, I like BLT even minus the bacon!

  2. This is really good, but even better with some bacon. But if you're watching your choles, or a vegetarian, this is "the" sandwich.