Saturday, April 30, 2011

#292_A Disaster in the Kitchen

Yup, disaster happens!
....and it usually happens specially when you're stressing out!
I made these Angel Food cakes to take to a party. The first one was okay as you can see it's cooling on a rack upside down in a tube pan. The second tube pan doesn't have those "feet" so I had to cool it on a bottle neck. I just took the pan out of the oven, flipped the tube pan onto a bottle neck, and few seconds later... bang! the cake came falling out of the pan....onto the counter and to the floor!! O..M..G!!I had exactly 90 minutes to do another one including 20 minutes to get the eggs to room temperature....and I made sure I didn't drop any sweat on the batter!

I made it to the party, only 10 minutes late!! Arrived alive!!


  1. Mely, sometimes when disaster strikes, you can salvage that angel food cake...make a bavarian creme flavoured with Grand Marnier...cut the angel food into cubes and fold it inot the Bavarian creme. Pack inot a mould lightly greased with oil and refrigerate until set. Unmould and eat with a berry compote. MASARAP!!!!!

  2. Betty, thank you for leaving a comment here and your wonderful suggestion...great idea, its like Trifle!! I actually have the clean pieces in the freezer..the ones that hit the floor went to the garbage. Thank you for visiting and take care!!