Friday, March 20, 2009

#98_Sweet Potato Cream Tarts

No-bake, Bite-size Dessert.

My dear husband had a bad experience with
sweet potatoes when he was a kid and never liked them anymore after that.
So I had to persuade him to test taste these tarts.
After I handed him one to try, it took him awhile before he put it in his mouth.
When he finally did,I was anticipating a cringed or pulled face, but to
my amazement he bit and swallowed it like he was eating his
cheese cake.
This recipe won him over!

The taste is comparable to that of cheesecake or cream pie
and has several interesting textures going on in just one bite such as the following:
Flakiness from the shells, crunchiness from the nuts, and smoothness from the sweet potatoes.
The cream cheese and the marshmallow creme give it an incredibly good taste.
An addition of sugar is unnecessary as the sweet potatoes have natural sweetness already in them. Although the butterscotch caramel added an extra sweetness to the filling,
it did not result in a cloyingly sweet dessert.

This recipe is my second entry to the
North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission,
a recipe contest for bloggers where I was invited to join by manang.
Thank you manang!

This recipe only calls for a few ingredients. The main ingredient, of course,
is the sweet potato.

I used the store-bought shells so that is one less preparation to do.
Maybe next time when I get a little ambitious,
I will make the shells out of phyllo dough sheets,

but for now I am using "fill and serve" shells.

Here's the ingredients:

3 cups mashed sweet potatoes
4 oz. cream cheese, softened
1 small jar of marshmallow creme
1/2 cup chopped nuts for filling
2 packs (15 counts each) Fill-and-Serve pastry shells
chopped nuts for garnish
Chopped pecans can be added in the filling or used for garnish, or both.

For the filling:
1) Boil and mash about 2 medium size sweet potatoes.
2) Mix in the softened cream cheese.
4) Fold in the marshmallow creme.
5) Add in the chopped nuts.

Your friends would think you worked all day to make this dessert,
but after you boil the sweet potatoes,little would they know, you can actually put this together in just a few minutes.

The finale:

1) Fill tart shells with the filling.
2) Top them with chopped nuts.
3) Drizzle with butterscotch caramel.
4) Chill for about 2 hours before serving.

That's it! very simple and yet incredibly good!!


  1. WOOOOW, MaMely this looks so YUMMMMMY and sounds so easy to do. Definitely I will try this. I love sweet potatoes.

  2. These look so wonderfully yummie!! They look excellent!!

  3. Thank you, jaram. Hope you'll give it a try.It is a healthy dessert because there's a lot of nutrients in sweet potatoes.

  4. Thank you, Sophie. Yes, they are yummy and excellent, ha-ha!!

  5. You are good at everything in your food creations. Better, good at the link exchange. Haha, you are a good virtual student for one. Enjoy linking friends.

  6. Hi MaMely its definitely a WINNING ENTRY. It looks so delicious and melts in the mouth desserts. I will surely try to make it. The problem is we don't have one of your ingredients in our country, the marsmallow creme. Hoping i can find a substitute for it.
    Good luck MaMely

  7. Anonymous, thank you for your encouraging comments. I know there are a lot of better ones out there, so even if these recipes don't win anything, I've been having fun discovering ways you can make sweet pototatoes.
    You can substitute about 1 cup miniature marshmallows for the marshmallow creme.

  8. Thank you Ebie. I won't be able to do it without your help!!thanks for all your help!!

  9. oh wow, looks pa lang, pamatay na! Super tempting!!!

    I should try this as well...meron pa akong natitirang mga sweet potatoes, but I do not have anymore time nor ideas to make some more entries. (I am done...have not posted everything, though).

    Baka sakaling pansinin ng asawa ko pag ganito ang pagkagawa. My husband has a sweet tooth, but it is really hard to please him, can't even make him try some. Maybe this will make him...haha!

  10. Manang, hope your picky husband will give these a try. One of my G'sons who is really picky, let his younger brother try them first. When he said "it is good", then the older brother ate one,and then he said "really good!"
    Good luck to your entries, manang.