Sunday, December 7, 2008

#45_Chicken Quesadillas (Empanada Style)

According to Mr. Wiki (pedia) Quesadilla means "little Cheesy thing" and is a fast food item in Mexican cuisine which involves cooking the ingredients inside a corn or flour tortilla.

Wedges of Quesadillas

I like to use flour tortilla with my quesadilla.

I use a combination of these two cheeses although the pizza cheese is a blend of 3 kinds of chesses including mozzarella cheese, I like to add more mozzarella to my quesadillas for the ooey, gooey effect.

You can basically use anything you prefer for filling inside the tortilla, like cubed ham or cooked pork. In this case, I used cooked shredded chicken breast, chopped red onion, chopped green pepper, and lots of cheese.
Here's the steps on how to make the quesadilla empanada style:
1) Butter one side of the tortilla and place the buttered side on a plate (or directly onto a pan).
2) Spread some shredded cheese on one half side of the tortilla, making sure the cheese comes out to the very edges of the tortilla; the cheese will serve as sealing agent as they melt.
3) Top the cheese with the chicken, red and green peppers and red onion; cover with more cheese.
4) Bring the other half of the tortilla over to the filled part, like empanada. (At this point the edges won't seal together)
5) Heat a non-stick frying pan or cast iron pan; do not oil the bottom of pan.
6) When pan is hot but not smoking hot, slide the filled tortilla into the pan and grill each side pressing down the edges to seal. It's the melting cheese that will make the edges to seal up.

Transfer quesadilla to a plate and cut it into wedges.


  1. I made this for dinner and I liked it a lot. It is so easy and quick, and my picky family liked it too.

  2. Anonymous, glad you and your family liked it!