Wednesday, December 10, 2008

#46 Quesadillas Pizza Style

Here's another way to prepare quesadillas: like pizza except topped with another tortilla.

Butter one side of a tortilla. Place the buttered side down onto a cast iron pan or non-stick pan. Do not oil or butter pan. Spread shredded cheese on the tortilla bringing them all the way out around the edges.

Fill the tortilla with any filling you prefer like vegetables such as green pepper, red pepper, onions, olives; and cooked meats such as ham, chicken, pork or even shrimps. Top with more cheese.

Cover the filling with another tortilla and butter the top. Turn the heat on to medium high and grill quesadilla pressing down the edges with the back of spoon as the cheese melts in order to seal them. When browned, flip it over and grill the other side.

Transfer the quesadilla onto a plate and cut into wedges.

Serve hot with guacamole, chopped tomatoes and sour cream on the side .

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