Tuesday, December 30, 2008


From the leftover roast turkey and its broth, I made 2 kinds of soups: Elbow Macaroni with peas and carrots and on the right is the famous Filipino Arozz Caldo (Rice Soup)

For Christmas dinner we had roast turkey (again) but it was a little smaller than what we had for Thanksgiving. No matter what size your turkey is there is always those bones with some meat still clinging to their lives. You can pick them over, but one of the best way to use those scraps is to make some soup.

To do this, take out the unwanted parts of the bird such as the rear end, skin, and the ribs (unless you want to scrape off all the gunks inside the ribs), etc. and put it in a big pot. Add some water and season with salt. You can also add 2 stalks of celery, if you like then simmer on medium heat for about an hour.

Adjust seasoning to your liking. Take out all the bones and put the broth though a sieve to achieve clear broth. Put back the broth in to the pot and bring to a boil then add some elbow macaroni or any type of pasta that you like and some vegetables like peas and carrots, brocolli ,etc. Boil uncovered until pasta and veggies are cooked, about 15 minutes.

Serve hot with some good bread such as garlic bread, Frech bread or sourdough bread.

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