Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The Cheesecake Factory has been here in the city since March this year, but we haven't been there until today. The kids gave us some gift cards to different restaurants for Christmas and one of them was to the Cheesecake Factory, so off we went.

We were served 2 kinds of breads: sourdough bread and I think the brown one was honey whole wheat. I usually don't care much for sourdough bread, not even the famous San Francisco sourdough bread, but this one was really excellent. It has a very nice crust on the outside, which I enjoyed, and soft on the inside, and not sour. I enjoyed it so much that I asked for another piece, which was half a loaf.

My husband also enjoyed his hamburger sandwich which came with fries. He is a hamburger connoisseur, so when he says the hamburger was good, it is really good. In fact he said it's the best hamburger he ever had.

I ordered Hawaiian pizza and was really good. I liked the thin crust and the cheeses are good quality.

My husband seldom order desserts in restaurants but out of curiosity he ordered their chocolate cake cheesecake. It had 2 layers of cheesecakes and 2 layers of fudge cakes plus some kind of shaved chocolates and chocolate cream on top. It was good except it was so rich he can hardly eat the slice. Too much chocolate, but because it costs $7.50 a slice he forced himself to eat some of it. I wasn't surprised that he didn't enjoy that piece of cheesecake because I know he usually doesn't like baked cheesecake anyway.

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